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EMS SQL Manager for Oracle

Simplify and automate your database development process, design, explore and maintain existing
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23 December 2008

Editor's review

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle 2.2 application is a proficient tool that supports DBAs in dealing effectively with Oracle Database Server. Using the application, the developers would find it rather easy to carry out development and administration tasks associated with the Oracle database server. The tool can compatibly work with any version of Oracle from the 8.1.7 to the 10g. It facilitates developers in performing a range of tasks linked to Oracle objects and other types of data, including the BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT types. Furthermore, the utility comprises of Visual Database Designer, BLOB editor, and Visual Query Builder features. The wizard style working system makes it a handy tool for experts and the newbies as well. Completing the necessary selections, you can kick off functioning with the program effortlessly.

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle 2.2 sports a modestly designed GUI and includes a range of easy to use options. To begin working with it you require connecting to Oracle by filling up the necessary info. Establishing the connection, the main screen appears in three partitions; left pane, mid left pane, and mid right area. The upper half of left panel is set to display the Oracle databases list, and the count of selected database’s objects is lined on the lower half. The mid left panel presents Objects, General, Tools, and Data Management dropdown options. Using these you can work with any particular objects, table properties, dependency tree, table editor options, Truncate, export data, import data, and other features. The toolbar placed at the bottom area of the screen provides different tools like SQL Editor, Query Builder, Grant Manager, along with different table view, fields view, and database statistics. The application supports creating, editing, dropping operations; managing and navigating database rapidly; data manipulation; security management; query building; data export/import; report designer wizard; and many others functions.

The EMS SQL Manager for Oracle 2.2 utility provides a great deal of assistance to DBAs in carrying out various Oracle database related functions. For the remarkable range of features, impressive functioning, coupled with user-friendly interface, the application is assigned with 4 rating points on the scale of 5.

Publisher's description

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle is a high performance tool for Oracle Database Server administration and development. SQL Manager for Oracle works with any Oracle versions from 8.1.7 to 10g and supports all Oracle objects and all Oracle data types including the new BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE types, and others. It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and powerful BLOB editor to satisfy all their needs. SQL Manager for Oracle has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with a well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.
Key Features:
- State-of-the-art graphical user interface
- Connecting via local port forwarding through the SSH tunnel
- Easy management of all Oracle objects (including create/edit/ drop operations)
- Rapid database management and navigation
- Advanced data manipulation tools
- Effective security management
- Excellent visual and text tools for query building
- Impressive data export and import capabilities
- Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard
- Latest Oracle version support
- Powerful visual database designer
- And other useful features
- Other useful tools to make your work with Oracle server as easy as it can be
EMS SQL Manager for Oracle
EMS SQL Manager for Oracle
Version 2.2
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